THE ONE Tremendous Fierce Mascara – Black 10ml


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Looking for a fierce feline look that’s perfect? Tremendous Fierce Mascara may be just the mascara you have been waiting for: extreme volume with extra expansion on the outer lashes for a fiercely bold lash look.

Ready to rise up and be heard? We love this bold lash look, for an epic boost of confidence. Women around the world are not shying away from anything, why should we? Fashion and beauty are a great way to showcase self-expression and personal style, so why not put self-confidence on full display with this fierce look?

Inspired by the latest animal print trend we’re seeing on runways to the real world, the winged feline look delivers confidence-boosting reow to any look!

Fierce volume mascara with Feline Instinct Brush and Heart Shaped Fibres and a saturated high-impact black finish for your fiercest lash look yet.

The exclusive Feline Instinct Brush is designed specially to load volume and expansion at the outer lashes for a distinctive feline effect. The curved shape maximises the volume and length of each lash.

The blunt tip can be used to add extra volume where desired. With ultra-soft fibres for comfortable application, this brush is designed to grab every lash for your fiercest lash look yet!

Tremendous volume technology is boosted by the unique synergy of two different fibre types in Tremendous Fierce mascara.

Brand new Heart Shaped Fibres, with a hollow heart shape, attach easily to each lash, elongating with every stroke. Micro Fibres build volume and lash expansion. This fibre duo is for extreme volume and outstanding definition.

How To Use Tremendous Fierce Mascara

  • Starting at the inner corner and working outwards, apply from the root of the lashes to the tips. Coat the entire lash as you wiggle the brush upwards.
  • The curve of the Feline Instinct Brush will follow the form of your lashes to elevate the lash corners for feline outer lash volume. For more definition, use the blunt tip to flick your outer lashes upwards.
  • Repeat as desired to build extreme volume and intense length.


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