Oriflame Gift Card 2020




Get your Oriflame Gift Card from ShopCares Nigeria.

An Oriflame gift card is a virtual card, that contains a specific amount of money available for use, for a purchase of an Oriflame product, from an Oriflame brand partner, and it can be redeemed; from the brand partner you acquire it from.

The cards come in various categories ranging from NGN5000 to NGN100,000. It gives you the liberty to play around, with all of our categories ranging from skincare, haircare, fragrance, etc.

This is a very hassle-free way of shopping for your customers and loved ones this season.

All you have to do is pay for the quantity you want and provide their details and we take it from there.

Let ShopCares take the stress off you.

Let’s do it the Orisanta’s way.

What category are you going for?

  1. NGN5,000
  2. NGN10,000
  3. NGN20,000
  4. NGN50,000
  5. NGN100,000

And how many people do you want to take care of their gift on your behalf this holiday?

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NGN10,000, NGN100,000, NGN20,000, NGN5,000, NGN50,000


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