Debonair Eau de Toilette


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Debonair Eau de Toilette is the fragrance for the true modern gentleman who radiates natural and playful charm.

With this bold and captivating fragrance that brings a powerful punch of masculine woody-aromatic notes, he is guaranteed to catch the attention of women wherever he goes. Debonair by name, debonair by nature.

P.S: Remember, not only Debonair fragrance make a man a gentleman.

How to use

Apply the fragrance onto your body’s pulse points: neck or wrist.


This captivating fragrance starts with a sparkling freshness of grapefruit, surrounded by black pepper and fresh playful notes of cardamom. The irresistible heart stands out with notes of Cedarleaf together with nutmeg. Finally, the drydown is composed of a suave blend of vetiver, creamy sandalwood and patchouli notes for an unforgettable and addictive effect.


Woody – Aromatic



The cedarleaf was the inspiration for this fragrance – bringing elegance, refinement and seduction to this signature. Its captivating notes lift up the fragrance with herbal, aromatic and woody notes.


Top: Cardamom

Heart: Cedarleaf

Base: Sandalwood

TOP NOTES: Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Cardamom

HEART NOTES: Incense SFE. Cedarleaf, Nutmeg

BASE NOTES: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Patchouli

About Debonair

Debonair is the encapsulation of what it means to be the perfect modern gentleman. Captivating, sophisticated and radiating natural charm.


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