Cracked Heel Repair & Smooth Foot Cream


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Rich, intensely moisturising and soothing cream that restores and protects against dry, rough and cracked skin.

  • Clinical tests show improvements in just 3 days
  • Urea, Cocoa Butter and Panthenol for intense moisturisation
  • Mineral4E Blend of 4 elements for documented skin benefits

Introducing Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair & Smooth Foot Cream: Say Goodbye to Rough, Cracked Heels


Experience the transformation of your feet with Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair & Smooth Foot Cream. This remarkable product is specifically formulated to target rough, cracked heels, providing a visible improvement in just 3 days†1.

Featuring a powerful blend of intensively moisturizing ingredients, this foot cream is designed to hydrate, soften, and restore suppleness to your skin. The key ingredients include Urea, Cocoa Butter, Panthenol, and the skin conditioning Mineral4E Blend.

Urea, known for its exceptional moisturizing properties, works tirelessly to significantly improve skin hydration, while Cocoa Butter and Panthenol provide deep nourishment and help to reduce the appearance of cracked heels. The Mineral4E Blend, consisting of copper, zinc, magnesium, and iron, further enhances the cream’s effectiveness. Copper helps to smoothen and restore suppleness, zinc soothes the skin, magnesium protects and softens, and iron aids in repair and purification.

This advanced foot cream is not just any ordinary moisturizer. It is clinically, consumer, and dermatologically tested to ensure its effectiveness and safety. Its rich and deeply conditioning formula penetrates deeply into the skin, delivering long-lasting hydration and promoting the healing of cracked heels.

How to Use Foot Cream


For optimal results, apply this cream twice daily, in the morning and evening, ideally after showering or bathing. Massage it into your feet, paying special attention to the heels and areas of dry skin. To further enhance the benefits, consider combining it with other Feet Up products like Feet Up PediSmooth and Feet Up Advanced Exfoliating Foot Cream for thorough skin preparation. For an extra boost and maintenance, the Feet Up Advanced Intensive Moisture Foot Mask can be incorporated into your foot care routine.

Say goodbye to rough, cracked heels and hello to beautifully soft and smooth feet with Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair & Smooth Foot Cream. Give your feet the care they deserve and enjoy the confidence that comes with healthy, nourished skin.


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