Norland industrial group

Introducing Norland Industrial Group to Nigerians

Norland Industrial group is a large scale multinational industrial group which is involved in the health industry, medical cosmetology industry, direct selling industry and e-commerce industry.

The company which was founded in 2008 is involved in many other areas including health management, medical services, international logistics and finance.

The company adheres to the vision of building a global ecosystem of health and detoxification and making everyone benefit from health wisdom and has taken a lead in health detoxification field.

In the 10 years of growth, the company has created numerous brilliant business ventures. This has been through the support of domestic and foreign governments, social organizations, senior management of the company as well as business partners and consumers.

Norland group recently achieved efficient and stable growth. The business covers the whole of China and has expanded to 43 countries and regions including the U.S.A, Korea, South Africa and Russia, etc. The company has set up many entities and subsidiaries.

About Norland Industrial Group Nigeria

  • Norland Nigeria is a member of the Norland Industrial Group.
  • Norland Nigeria was officially launched on the 15th of October 2017 in Lagos.
  • Norland Group is a Chinese company Founded in 2008.

Norland Fast Consumable Products

• Norland Mouthwash

• Norland herbal toothpaste

• Liquid wash – for your washing machine and normal wash


 Sanitary napkins

Panty-liners (also for men)

Sanitary napkins (Heavy flow)

Sanitary napkins for plus size women

Health pads for male and female


GI capsules for flat tummy etc result in 2 weeks.

Calcium Zinc

Facial mask for removal of wrinkles, dark spots, pimples


Hypoglycemic Capsule

Vision Vitale Capsule


Lecithin Capsules

Detox Pack and many more.


Energy Bracelet

Magic frying pan for less cholesterol

Norland industrial group is directly involved in the production of consumer health and beauty products to its fast growing customers.

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