This 14-Day Test

Has Shown Millions The Way To White Teeth

This is how millions have found the way to whiter, healthy teeth. You see the results on every hand - perhaps in teeth you admire.

Fill the form now for this simple fourteen-day test and see what your own teeth show.

Why teeth discolour

There is a sticky film that forms on your teeth day-by-day. You can feel that slippery coating with your tongue when you wake up.

Scientists call it biofilm because millions of bacteria live in there. It sticks to teeth, gains entry into narrow cracks and remains there.

That film is the great adversary of the teeth. It discolours them and destroys them.

The toothbrush alone does not end it, and the ordinary toothpaste cannot destroy it.

Despite your dental cleanings, it remain there for months and cause endless damage.

The film-coat is what discolours, not the teeth.

Film is the basis of tartar and the stain on the surface of the teeth occurs when particles - remnants of food, build-up in the film of protein that covers the tooth enamel.

Food substance then ferments and forms acid.The film-coat holds the acid in contact with the teeth to cause decay.

A daily combatant

For years, dental science has looked for ways to fight that film. Five years ago the way was discovered, and convincing clinical tests have proved it.

NOW leading dentists everywhere advise it, and millions of people have been led to use it.

The way is integrated in a dentifrice called OPTIFRESH CRYSTAL WHITE - a toothpaste considered ideal based on consumer evaluation. 

It is believed that its use will create a new dental care era.

With every application, OPTIFRESH CRYSTAL WHITE combats the teeth's great adversaries in new and efficient ways. To millions it is bringing cleanser, healthy, whiter teeth.

Supplied on request

A fourteen-day tube of OPTIFRESH CRYSTAL WHITE is now sent to all who ask - to 10,000 people daily. This is done to let everyone know quickly what it does.

OPTIFRESH CRYSTAL WHITE is based on Fluoride and a Whitening Active Protect Complex ingredient that gently lifts stains and plaque from enamel.

Two factors directly attack the film. One of them keeps teeth so highly polished that film cannot easily stick.

Fill the form for a 14-Day Tube. Note how clean the teeth feel after using. Mark the absence of the sticky film.

See how teeth whiten as the film-coat disappears. A fourteen-day test will be a revelation.

Compare this new method with the old. Then let the clear results decide what is best for you and your family.

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